Kihoya Secondary School

Principals Message


KIHOYA –A child friendly school.

1.We believe that Change in the society can only come through education. Hence on school motto- Education is the key to success.

2.We believe that self reliance can only come through provision of education.

3.We wish to ensure that;
a.Academic status on society is uplifted.
b.Vocational ability and readiness to work is enhanced.
c.We wish to offer education that can ensure personal development.
d.We wish to offer education which ensures social and civic relationships are maintained.

All the above is in line with our mission, motto and values we inculcate with a view to achieving a vision to be the best day school in Kenya.
Stakeholders/ donors/ well wishers, help us achieve our vision.

4.We wish to ensure the following is done in order to make our school continue to be a learner friendly school;

a.Provide conducive environment for learning.
b.Friendliness-between teachers and students.
c.Health and safety needs are adequately met.
d.Rights of the learners are respected.
e.Encourage feedback from all stakeholders.
f.Ensure that this is active participation in the learning process.
g.Needs of learners, leaders, community members and administration are met.
h.Ensure that we have a common vision.
i.Ensure that teachers skills are enhanced through workshops.
j.Engage in learner centered activities so that their potential is harnessed.
k.Ensure that democratic processes are carried out especially in prefects selection exercises, learners are involved in decision making through student councils.

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